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Jaktradio  31  VHF
27-31MHz  1  2  3
60-180MHz VHF
370-490MHz UHF
Kontakter  1 2 3 4 5
Kristaller  1  2
Polisradio  1 2 3 4
PR-Radio  1  2  3
Radio / TV
Scanner  1  2  3  4
Surplus / Överskott
Transistorer + IC
Elektronik -"antique"


Alfakom electronic
Granås Box 5602
Gråbo / Göteborg

Uniden Bearcat 3000 XLT odokumenterade funktioner och tricks

Dessa i bruksanvisningen ej dokumenterade funktioner kan aktiveras genom att trycka på vissa tangentbordsknappar samtidigt som Du sätter på apparaten. Ibland framträder det även meddelanden på displayen.

Tryck på..

Resultat (eng.)

LHT Toggles the display light timer from on to off (where the the light stays on until you press the LHT button again to turn it off manually). The display will read "ON light" or "OFF light".
DLY You can toggle between a 2 or 4 sec selectable delay. Display will read "2 SEC" or "4 SEC".
AUTO This toggles AutoSorting off (ie scanning in order of freq, rather than by channel number), but slows down the scan rate to approx 50 cps. Display will read "ON sort" or "OFF sort".
ENTER This toggles the keypad beep on or off. Display will read "ON beep" or "OFF beep".
SCAN Allows you to change direction of the Scan, so if you're AutoSorting your scanner can scan up or down by freq; if you're scanning by channel number, it'll go up or down by channel number. The feature will be enabled when your scanner says "ON dir" and disabled when it says "OFF dir" . To change direction of the Scan, Hit SFT up-arrow or SFT down-arrow.
2,9 &
This zeroes out and locks out all memory channels. ALL MEMORY CHANNELS WILL BE ERASED!
2,9 &
You'll see all the display segments light up nice and slowly. Doesn't repeat endlessly like the BC220XLT though.
2,9 &
Test freqs are loaded into Ch 1-14 and 21-30.
2,9 &
This will display the firmware revision. Either USA 0.09 or USA 0.20. Rev 0.09 allows AM mode above 760MHz in a Search (see below). The newer rev 0.20 doesn't.
This brings up a display of the shift register. You can use the HLD/LMT (arrow) keys to move through locations 00 - FF. Hold either key to scroll.
MANUAL This will skip the scrolling intro and go straight to scan mode.
Sft & 1 "Test 1"
Sft & 2 "Test 2"
Sft & 3 "Test 3"
Sft & 4 "Test 4"
Sft & 5 Toggles Battery Save On/Off
Sft & 6 Toggles user selection of Mode. With this OFF you cannot change mode from that selected automatically.
2, 9 &
Turns off DELAY on all channels
Some images may be received from 1005.5-1018MHz. But remember, it is illegal to listen in on cellular phone conversations.
The scanner can be manually put into the Battery Save mode by toggling the DLY key off while the scanner sits in the Manual mode on a quiet freq for 45 seconds; power consumption drops to just 13 milliamps.
Revision USA 0.09 AM-mode search above 760MHz: The BC3000XLT doesn't allow direct entry of AM mode above 760MHz, but there's a workaround:
Start in the Manual mode.
Hit 25 LMT.
Open the squelch.
Hit SFT AM. (AM flashes.)
Now, punch in your Search limits.
Close the squelch and start your Search!
Use the SND feature to move a freq into a channel or bank. (If you don't use SND, the UHF freq will not be stored in the AM mode.)
Finally, when doing an Auto Search & Store with the BC3000XLT, the scanner will NOT store any freqs that are already programmed in the scanner's channels, whether or not the banks are selected, and no matter whether the channels are locked out or not.

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